Is it too late to achieve your goals and dreams?

By Nicole Barkai

What was the answer that came to mind when you read the question in the title?
I hope you said “No!”. But if you said “yes” – then I’m very glad you are here and reading this.
Please, for the next few minutes, open your mind, and allow me the benefit of the doubt while I present you with a different point of view.

You see, my answer to that is: “Hell, No!”
I could give you countless stories of people way older than you, who decided one day that they were going to make a change in their life and achieve a certain goal (note to self: bring some of those stories to the blog!).

You are never too old to look into your heart and find out what desires you have been hiding there. That inner voice that has been trying to catch your attention for ever so long will be delighted when you finally listen to it.

You may argue that at the age of 70 you cannot become an Olympic gold medalist tennis player. That may be so, but if you’ve loved tennis your whole life and were always too busy to take lessons, maybe now would be a good time to start? Perhaps a gold medal isn’t in the cards for you, but how great would it feel to start a new hobby that you will enjoy? Something that is only yours, not done to please your husband or your kids. Done to please YOU. Because you deserve it!

The change could really be anything. I’m not telling you to walk into your boss’s office tomorrow morning and quit your job of 30 years (well at least not with out a back up plan ;) ). What I’m suggesting is that you open yourself up to the possibility that maybe (just MAYBE) it’s not too late. Because once you change your belief about something, circumstances begin to shift too. Ask yourself what were to happen if you pursued your dream? There must be something that is putting you off, or you would have done it ages ago, right? The way I see it, we always have a choice. Your choices may have consequences,however you are never in a situation where you have no choice. So what is the worst thing that would happen if you did what you are dreaming of? Maybe this consequence is not something you are willing to risk right now. But you should still be aware of the fact that you are making a choice, based on your view of reality. Once you realise this, you start to move away from the “victim mentality” holding so many of us in place. Blaming circumstances is the surest way to remain exactly where you are. Which is exactly where most people feel most comfortable. That is why so few people ever attempt to change the things in their lives which they are unhappy about.

At the age of 30 I was married with 2 young kids.  lived in a place I did not like and held a job  I totally disliked. I felt as though “this is it”. I honestly felt old and boring, and couldn’t believe that was going to be my life for the next who knows how many decades! Don’t get me wrong; my husband and kids brought me tremendous joy, but I still felt very uninspired and rather depressed at the thought that this was the peak of my life, and that it is all going down hill from here. You see I couldn’t find a job that satisfied me, and the feeling of emptiness started getting to much to ignore. That feeling I later learned to identify as a disconnection to myself.

Certain events that happened caused me to realize the lie I was living and opened my eyes. I then began my journey of self discovery which would ultimately lead to a much happier and more meaningful life.

Looking back I see where the change began: with the realization that things could change, if I change my outlook on life. Once I started examining the limiting beliefs that were holding me back, I realized that all of my limitations were self-imposed. This made me feel so empowered! I began see the future in a much brighter light and believe that anything is possible! And you know what? Once I started believing that, the world started presenting me with proof of that new belief (as it always does).

I now have a much more meaningful life. My family moved to a wonderful new home in a young beautiful neighbourhood. I left the old job, and now do what I love which is empower people to dare live their greatest life!

I honestly believe that it is never too late to realize you are in control of your life, and have the power to change it and achieve your goals!

Please consider one thing: if you don’t take the chance on yourself today, when will you do it? Next year? Five years from now? When the kids grow up? What will be different then? Will it be any less scary then? I don’t think so. I think new excuses will always come up. Until you make that decision to wake up your hidden potential at a true joyous and meaningful life. Only by taking responsibility for your life as it is today, can you begin to change it.

Is life really worth living without passion? Was life supposed to be a punishment or a gift?

I think it is a wonderful gift, which is yours to enjoy! So what are you going to do with it? What example are you going to set for your kids?

I’d love to hear where this post meets you in your life. Please feel free to share your own experience by leaving a comment below.

Have the courage to dream big!

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